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In today’s customer driven world, product development and innovation are constantly changing at a rapid pace, through the imposition of personal requirements and exigency for products with higher quality, functionality and shorter delivery times. For the manufacturer, this could imply a significant increase in the complexity of manufacturing operations and supply chain configuration. Furthermore, with the emergence of the Industry 4.0, traditional manufacturing systems and business models which are based on large production volumes and continuous improvement become increasingly difficult to sustain.

At HSSMI, we strive to be at the fore front of emerging technologies and research so that we can support our customer base. As part of this effort, we have recently completed a 3-year European project opendynamic Manufacturing Operating System (openMOS) with a consortium of 15 companies. The main objective of the openMOS project was to allow quick integration of machines and automation systems in production environments – a prerequisite for the implementation of Industry 4.0 solutions.

HSSMI is strategically poised between industry and academia which allows us to bridge the gap between research and industrial applications. During this openMOS project, we developed a dynamic product routing and optimisation algorithm. This solution was created with the manufacturer in mind and allows HSSMI to offer customers a dynamic way to route products within a manufacturing plant or supply chain such that the manufacturer is able to optimise its operations at a consistently higher quality and lowered cost.


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Written by:

Olatunde Banjo


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