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Industry 4.0 Summit. Panel Discussion: Industry 4.0 in the Context of Manufacturing Engineering

Image: © HSSMI   HSSMI and the consortium partners of the Electrified Powertrain Pilot Line for Manufacturing Engineering (E:PrIME) project were invited to the Industry 4.0 Sumit and Expo, held in Manchester on the 10th April 2019. HSSMI’s Executive Director, Axel Bindel chaired the panel discussion on the topic of “Industry 4.0 in the context […]

Women in Engineering

Image: © HSSMI   The number of women who choose Engineering for their education and career path preference is on the rise. According to WISE*, women in core STEM occupations accounted for 900,000 women within the UK, with nearly 60,00 women in an engineering professional occupation in 2018.  More needs to be done to get more […]

The Future of Additive Manufacturing

Image: © HSSMI   We touch the future of industrial manufacturing For industrial 3D printer manufacturers, business means more than bringing better and faster machines to market every year. During last year’s The Event for the Design Show in Birmingham, market leaders including 3D Systems, Stratasys, HP, Desktop Metal, EOS, BASF or GE Additive focused […]

Transforming Manufacturing Businesses with Industry 4.0

Image: © metamorworks / Adobe Stock   There is much talk today in the manufacturing industry of the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” and how it’s going to transform businesses. At the heart of this idea are two main concepts: Automation and Data. Automation referring to robotics, conveyor systems, and CoBots, while Data refers to analytics, artificial […]

My Time at HSSMI

Image: © HSSMI   My background I recently graduated from the University of Glasgow with a first-class Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. This degree exposed me to various areas of the engineering sector including thermodynamics, automated vehicle guidance systems, and statics & dynamics. My final year Master’s thesis was taken at the Fraunhofer Institute for […]

openMOS: The Project

Image: © 安琦 王 / Adobe Stock   In today’s customer driven world, product development and innovation are constantly changing at a rapid pace, through the imposition of personal requirements and exigency for products with higher quality, functionality and shorter delivery times. For the manufacturer, this could imply a significant increase in the complexity of […]

A 2018 Look Back at the Electrified Powertrain Pilot Line for Manufacturing Engineering Project

Image: © HSSMI   2018 has been a great year for the Electrified Powertrain Pilot Line for Manufacturing Engineering (E:PrIME) team. To date, twenty colleagues from HSSMI have worked on different aspects of the project, bringing their own blend of knowledge and expertise. Our colleague Shahab, from the data analytics team worked hard to bring the […]

The HyFes Project | Hybrid Fusion Energy System

Image: © graziella / Adobe Stock   Polluted air and its impact on human health is one of the main challenges facing cities in both developed and developing nations. Proliferation of Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) powered vehicles, a booming construction industry, rapid unsustainable urbanisation and the Urban Heat and Pollution Island all increases the amount […]