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Factory Simulation: Exploring the Links with Symbiotic Simulation and Digital Bill of Process

Image: © HSSMI Vision Real and virtual manufacturing is growing closer and faster. Manufacturers recognise the importance of enabling new technologies, real-time data sharing and visualisation within their organisations and across their supply chains. HSSMI is helping companies and researchers start to integrate these new technologies and explore the possibilities of Industry 4.0 solutions. The […]

A Day in the Life of an Engineer

Image: © HSSMI   To mark International Women and Girl’s in Science day, Nahema Sylla, a virtual engineer here takes us through a day in her life. It is 9am. I am sitting comfortably at my desk, catching up on my emails and doing a little bit of research about new industrial trends and innovations, […]

Is Distributed Manufacturing Right for Your Business?

Image: © HSSMI   Why Distributed Manufacturing? Conventional manufacturing models are struggling to keep up with the demands of modern consumers. The 21st century customer wants originality and uniqueness at a competitive price while keeping up with the latest trends. However, trends now do not last years but months and sometimes only weeks with fashion, […]

Gamification: The Future of Manufacturing

Image: © Maxim / Adobe Stock   Chess or darts? Do you enjoy playing games? Well, everybody does in one or another way, it could be playing video games, board games, sports games or any other type of games but I am sure everybody has once experienced that feeling of enjoying something till the point […]

2018: The Road Ahead

Image: © HSSMI   Welcome 2018! The new year has truly started with a high pace for HSSMI! We are entering the second year of our 5-year plan with new director appointments, services and projects. The plan reflects our ambition to provide exceptional support to manufacturing businesses on a regional level to deploy new technologies […]

Five Minutes with… Beverley Stalton, HR Manager

Image: © HSSMI   We are growing 2018 is set to be an exciting year for HSSMI; With our forecast of rapid growth, significant strategic restructuring is due to commence. Already, we’ve launched a massive recruitment campaign and are currently advertising 18 positions over our 3 regions – London, Birmingham and Glasgow; ranging from interns […]

My First Week at HSSMI

Image: © HSSMI   Science? Not since GCSEs My past experiences have been in the lifestyle and consumer industries and third sector to date, where I have moved around with much ease between fashion companies, PR agencies and a couple of stints with charities. My most recent posting at a government department where I was […]

Implementation of Collaborative Robot Applications

Image: © Monstar Studio / Adobe Stock Collaborative Applications in Manufacturing On the 18th September 2017, HSSMI hosted the ‘Collaborative Applications in Manufacturing’ event in their London office. The event showcased the work that has taken place over the last year between HSSMI and their partners in the Collaborative Robot Industrial Working Group and Executive […]

Overcoming Limitations of Additive Manufacturing through Advances in CAD Technology

Image: © Alex_Traksel / Adobe Stock   The boundless benefits of additive manufacturing have the potential to transform many industries across the globe. The technology minimises design restrictions, overcomes design complexity and supports green manufacturing initiatives. However, there are a number of technical limitations that hinder its widespread commercial exploitation, particularly a lack of suitability […]

Hydrogen Fuel Cells – Where Are We Now?

Image: © chesky / Adobe Stock   Brief In a week where Donald Trump has officially notified the UN that the USA is beginning the process of leaving the Paris Climate Accord, there has never been a more pressing time for the adoption of clean technology solutions, and a frank assessment of why we have […]