A 2018 Look Back at the Electrified Powertrain Pilot Line for Manufacturing Engineering Project

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2018 has been a great year for the Electrified Powertrain Pilot Line for Manufacturing Engineering (E:PrIME) team. To date, twenty colleagues from HSSMI have worked on different aspects of the project, bringing their own blend of knowledge and expertise.

Our colleague Shahab, from the data analytics team worked hard to bring the E:PRiME website to life, from the initial conception through to the final design, which you can see here.

Most of you by now will have had the pleasure of being taught our Electric Vehicle Powertrain School (EVPS) course by our Technical Leads, Fergal and Robin. This training was identified and developed as a result of the E:PriME project and has been wildly successful – in total  we have delivered the course modules to just over  70 people. This has now been developed into a full service offering by HSSMI and is part of the EVPS – a great success!

Our colleagues Tosin, Brais and Steve (who hails from our Glasgow team) have led the charge from the Virtual Engineering department.  Their work included capturing a point cloud scan of an old building at Ford’s Dunton site and converting it into a virtual environment. From this, they pulled in elements of machine CAD and services which will enable the user to review the planned engineering of the new E:PriME facility in Dunton, Essex in an immersive way.

London based colleagues – Lorna, Lee, Torquil, Steve and Ibon have developed a number of comparator sheets to evaluate legacy internal combustion engine machining lines with a view to repurposing machines and automation for electrification. As we continue further into E:PrIME there promises to be more great work done from this team. In addition to this, Farhad, Sophie and Inigo from our Circular Value Chains team, have recently run a hackathon event to benchmark battery and motor manufacturing.

E:PrIME is a HSSMI wide collaboration between all our colleagues and each team member brings a different specialism to the E:PrIME project. Tragically we lost a key member of our team, Andy Grimes, in late September to brain cancer. I will be raising a glass to Andy this Christmas and remembering him with fondness zooming around the office on his “pimped-out” turbo mobility scanning scooter.

Thank you to all from HSSMI who have contributed to E:PrIME in 2018. I look forward to what we will achieve in 2019 as a team and a consortium.

Merry Christmas to all!

Scott Newcombe,
Programme Manager


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Written by:

Scott Newcombe


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