HSSMI Joins Make UK to Help Advance Digitalisation and Sustainability of British Manufacturing

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HSSMI has recently become a member of Make UK, the established voice of manufacturers across the UK, and is excited to be joining a community of over 5,000 businesses.

HSSMI and Make UK have been discussing areas of potential future collaboration. Currently, Make UK is supporting manufacturers to recover after the COVID-19 pandemic, but the community also has plans to promote digitalisation in manufacturing and introduce green technologies into the sector. Both digitalisation and green technologies have been highlighted by the UK Government as vital for the advancement of British manufacturing. HSSMI, with its expertise in digital tools, advanced manufacturing simulation, battery technologies, hydrogen propulsion systems, electric drives and circular economy, is eager to support this work by fostering discussions and organising virtual events to share its knowledge with the Make UK community.

HSSMI Executive Director Axel Bindel says, “Joining Make UK opens up a vast community of businesses which we are eager to engage with and support. HSSMI has been working with both established manufacturers and new start-ups for nearly ten years now and we are excited to bring this experience to the Make UK community and contribute to the advancement of British manufacturing.”


About Make UK

Make UK champions and celebrates British manufacturing and manufacturers. It provides a forum for manufacturers to connect, share, solve problems and create opportunities through collaboration in meetings, groups, events and advisory boards at regional and national level. All this is done with the ambition of building a platform for the evolution of UK manufacturing.

Make UK works with governments as the voice of British manufacturers at local, national and international level. For the businesses that are members of Make UK, it provides advice, guidance and support in employment law, employee relations, health, safety, climate and environment, information and research and occupational health. For more information visit



HSSMI is a sustainable manufacturing innovation consultancy, committed to helping manufacturing companies achieve their ambitions. HSSMI works across manufacturing industries to help companies respond to market challenges by increasing productivity, upscaling their products and processes, and enabling the transition towards a circular economy.

Since being founded in 2012, HSSMI has worked with established manufacturers, aspiring start-ups, and government bodies. HSSMI connect industry experts with companies looking to make their products in a more cost-effective, innovative, and sustainable way.

HSSMI’s areas of expertise include manufacturing strategy, digital manufacturing tools, circular economy, lean manufacturing and automation, hydrogen propulsion, advanced manufacturing simulation, electric drives, battery technology, and project management. For more information visit


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