Feasibility Study: The UK’s First Near-Closed Loop Battery Pack Production Facility

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HSSMI has joined Ultramax, an established battery manufacturer and distributor, in a six-month study called Li-BAR to determine the feasibility of establishing co-located battery pack assembly and remanufacturing facilities. It is anticipated that co-locating the sites will provide opportunities to optimally use batteries throughout their lives, maximise value leveraged from components through reuse, minimise operational and capital costs, and reduce waste.

Ultramax currently runs a lithium battery assembly facility in China, but the company is experiencing increased demand from existing and new customers in the UK and the EU. In order to reduce lead times and increase quality control, Ultramax is considering establishing a new facility in the UK.

New battery pack assembly and remanufacturing facilities in the UK would support and accelerate the electrification of the UK’s automotive sector. At the moment, there is limited capacity in the UK for battery pack assembly and remanufacture, although it is expected that by 2030, there will be a demand for 60 GWh of batteries and around 1-5 GWh of batteries will be reaching their end of life and could be remanufactured for second-life applications. There is a clear need to ramp up and to secure the automotive industry in the UK. The new facility explored in this feasibility study would help address these challenges.

The feasibility study will result in business model concepts and ramp-up strategies with clearly defined timelines and installation phases to full capacity. If realised, the facility will support upstream and downstream supply chain businesses in the UK, including cell manufacturers, EV manufacturers, and electronics suppliers.

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