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Sai Arvind Babu Ravichandran joined HSSMI in February 2022. Bringing with him extensive experience in new product development, production planning, process improvement, virtual build factory layouts, as well as knowledge of a wide array of digital manufacturing tools and software, he has been a great source of knowledge and experience and a real asset to our Digital Manufacturing Tools team. Sai Arvind says he looks forward to sharpening these skills at HSSMI by working with our clients and showing them the benefit of digital manufacturing. At HSSMI, Sai Arvind is particularly engaged in our work on digital factories, virtual commissioning, and product lifecycle management.

HSSMI’s Marketing and Communications Officer Zane Mezdreija sat down with Sai Arvind to chat about his experience at HSSMI.


ZM: Why did you decide to join HSSMI?

SBR: Well, there are many reasons why I joined HSSMI. However, one of the major reasons for my desire to work for HSSMI is that HSSMI has set a benchmark in the field of Digital Manufacturing.

Indeed, it shall be a privilege for any aspiring professional to have a fruitful career with a reputed firm like HSSMI. I believe the skillset and experience I possess not only shall bring value to HSSMI, but in turn shall also help me to acquire experience and sharpen my skills.


ZM: How has HSSMI and your team supported your development?

SBR: Our team in HSSMI have been ready to communicate regularly as needed, which has helped to build interpersonal skills. Training and initial periodical check-ins have helped gain trust and faith in the projects I work on.


ZM: What do you appreciate most about working at HSSMI?

SBR: HSSMI has a nice work culture and allows employees to work freely. There is also good support from management and employees are motivated and appreciated for their efforts.


ZM: What are your expectations from working at HSSMI?

SBR: My expectations would be to grow professionally with the company and advance my career by contributing to the exponential growth of the company.


ZM: How can working at HSSMI help your career? How has working at HSSMI helped your career?

SBR: My goal entering the company would be to evolve my skills in a challenging environment, work within a team, and provide efficient solutions. I aspire to reach a managerial position that will allow me to make crucial decisions while applying my leadership skills. Eventually, I hope to have reached an executive position so that I can have an active and critical role in the company’s overall success.


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