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Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are fun for consumers in gaming and entertainment industries. The experience of being able to immerse in a three-dimensional world and interact with objects are exciting and yet mind stimulating for both young and old generations. Currently, the immersive technology market is growing day by day and the manufacturing industries are embracing these innovative technologies knowing they are potential game changers for the industry as a whole.


What is holistic immersive collaboration?

As demand for AR and VR applications grow, the opportunities within the manufacturing sector to use such technologies are significantly increasing. As a result, HSSMI and number of OEMs, gaming and digital solution providing SMEs have realised the potential that these technologies can offer, particularly productivity improvements during product design and assembly phases.

With this in mind, Holistic Immersive Collaboration project started with the intention of supporting the production ramping up processes and cost efficiency of machine maintenance. Since these are the key pin points industries are trying to address. Imagine the financial incentives you can have if your business can mass produce in rapid times and introduce product to the market first. I think it is worthwhile to have AR and VR technologies in today’s growing industries to stay ahead of the competition.


What are these technologies?

To achieve these ambitious objectives, we are developing number of technologies, that include: VR applications, AR wearables, AR tablets, 3D pdfs, voice recognition systems and a platform to host all these technologies. The overall idea is to connect multiple AR and VR hardware devices with a platform using a single source of truth approach. Allowing the platform to manage and translate data easily to required formats to be use on the visualisation devices. Meaning any devices can be plugged into the platform from anywhere and anytime to experience the immersive manufacturing processes.


Benefits to the manufacturing industry?

From the knowledge gained so far, there are significant benefits of using AR and VR technologies on different stages of manufacturing processes, for example concept design, product design, testing and manufacturing stages. Although there are number of challenges still up ahead, here are some of the key capabilities: multiplayer product assembly and disassembly, design reviews, ergonomic assessments, workstation assessments, virtual training, real time information overlay, maintenance guidance with interactive simulations, interactive assembly instructions and voice communication with machines. It is a big list, but considering the overall benefits, I think AR and VR can have a great impact on a business.


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Written by:

Ruwan Karunarathne


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