HSSMI supports H2GO Power to prototype stage


It was brilliant to showcase the work we are all doing within the SHyGaN project with an event at the Baxi Training Centre and to also demonstrate the possibilities that hydrogen will offer in the next years. 


HSSMI has a close relationship with H2GO Power, as we are working together in the SHyLO and the SHyGaN projects. As part of the project, the work that HSSMI is carrying out is key for the long-term manufacturing strategy of the hydrogen storage system being developed by H2GO Power. The deliverables at the end of SHyLO and SHyGaN will enable a faster deployment of the technology, as well as a clear definition of the manufacturing processes and investment that H2GO Power will have to require in the next few years. Working together with companies such as BAXI and Northern Gas Networks is also important for HSSMI, as it will establish a strong relationship and create a collaborative working framework for the future.


HSSMI’s team of experts are on hand to support you on your hydrogen technology upscaling journey. If you’d like to discuss, please get in touch with our solution area lead, Torquil Landen (

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