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An Update on Our Graduates

O O One year later we catch up with our graduates to see how they have found their first year in the field. Agnese supports the delivery of cell manufacturing and hydrogen technology projects. She holds a Master’s degree in Chemical and Process Engineering and is interested in process simulation and optimisation. Joel is a […]

HyDIME – Exploring the Feasibility of the World’s First Dual Diesel / Hydrogen Injection Ferry

  The marine sector is responsible for 3.3% of global CO2 production, with figures from the European Environment Agency (EEA) suggesting that this will rise significantly, if the marine industry does nothing to reduce its environmental impact. It is therefore critical that the sector develops and deploys new forms of low emission propulsion systems to […]

Improving Manufacturing Line Flexibility in Anticipation of Automotive Electrification with Jaguar Land Rover

  The Automotive Industry’s Electric Future The transition from internal combustion engines (ICE) to electric- powered vehicles (EVs) is certain – from 2030 ICE vehicles will be banned from sale in the UK. However, the pace of conversion in each market and the uptake of emerging technologies, such as new types of batteries, electric drives […]

Switching From Combustion Engines to Electric Drive Production with Ford UK

  The implementation of new regulations and policies from governments to meet their CO2 emission targets is a hugely welcome step in the fight against climate change. However, it means that there are challenges facing some of the more emission-intensive industries, such as automotive. Managing a smooth transition into electrification is a significant challenge for […]

Securing Ford’s E-drive Production at Halewood, UK

  Over the past ten months, HSSMI has supported Ford Motor Company with their ATF application, in a bid to unlock government funding towards anchoring Ford’s future European e-drive facility in the UK. As part of the application, Ford’s existing ICE transmission facility in Halewood was proposed to be transformed towards producing up to 250,000 […]

A Strategy to Scale Up Towards a Gigafactory for AMTE Power

  Leading battery cell manufacturer AMTE Power (AMTE) is moving ahead with plans to develop one of the UK’s first Gigafactories – building its output of critical battery capacity that will underpin the transition to net zero. The company is using its existing manufacturing base at Thurso, Scotland, to meet increased demand for its new, […]

ReGaIL – Establishing a Novel Circular System for Allium Recovery

  A Key Element in the Future of Electrification Gallium is expected to replace silicone in critical power system semiconductors in the near future due to its comparatively superior characteristics of a wider band gap, faster switches, lower heat loss, and smaller space requirements. Semiconductors are used in applications for power electronics, machines, and drives […]