The year 2021 saw unparallel development in the electric vehicle scene in the UK – events which led to the launch of the first electric truck by the scale-up company Tevva. HSSMI are immensely proud to have been enlisted to support the development of the manufacturing strategy in parallel with the ongoing design work. This assisted Tevva in the launch of the electric truck, despite still being in the recruitment phase of its Manufacturing Engineering team.


HSSMI supported Tevva in created a manufacturing strategy in parallel with the ongoing design work of the UK’s first electric truck. This included


The Manufacturing Strategy

It was agreed that there were four key principles that would guide the development of the manufacturing strategy – Total Cost, Customer Quality, Environmental Footprint, and Flexibility.

Total Cost

All elements of Cost per Unit (CPU) were developed with Tevva to ensure that the proposed manufacturing strategy supported the total cost of manufacture – f rom plant costs and labour to the shipping and sales taxes to support an international market.

Customer Quality

To provide full assurance to customers, a facility strategy needed to be developed to ensure that all key aspects of vehicle performance are measured and tracked during assembly.

Environmental Footprint

It was important to Tevva that all aspects of its production footprint achieve minimum environmental impact. Manufacturing the product close to where it is sold was a fundamental part of the strategy. HSSMI also conducted a benchmarking exercise to establish best practice and identify how other truck manufacturers approached their global footprint.


Given that Tevva is a scale-up manufacturer, any plan had to accommodate a degree of flexibility and be able to adapt to the rapidly-moving environment that Tevva operates in. This resulted in a process and facility plan that could be implemented in stages to support volumes as they grow, thus keeping the scale of initial investment appropriate and balanced with the volume ramp-up.

The manufacturing strategy incorporated topics such as vendor selection, vertical integration, global production roll-out plans as well as a full budget cost for the UK facility. Overall, HSSMI helped ensure that appropriate documentation was available to support internal senior leadership communication and external investor discussions. This included a 3D model of the proposed facility together with a video fly-through for external relations.

The strategy developed by HSSMI provided a robust set of manufacturing assumptions and associated standardised documentation which then enabled HSSMI to begin incorporating it into the process and facility layout proposals.


Process and Facility Layouts

During the initial stages of the project, HSSMI engaged with the Tevva COO, Peter Domeney, to review product, timing, and global sales information and, from that, produce various facility options.

In developing the facility layouts, HSSMI needed to make sure that every Tevva function was included – prototype build, marketplace, engineering development, as well as main line and sub-assembly areas. An initial Bill of Sequence was developed using provisional CAD and Bill of Materials (BOM) information, from which a high-level resource allocation on the main line was completed.

The next stage was the development of Requests for Quotation (RFQs) with strategic equipment suppliers. This subsequently allowed quotation and order placement to commence. The incoming Tevva manufacturing engineers are now using the results of this process to finalise equipment requirements and place orders.


At the moment, Tevva is equipped with a comprehensive manufacturing strategy, based around the principle of building trucks where they are sold, thus limiting environmental footprint and avoiding costly shipping and, in the case of the United States, punitive import duties.

Furthermore, HSSMI has also provided a fully integrated manufacturing layout that supports all elements of Tevva’s production and engineering requirements, together with an integrated marketplace.

Key suppliers are now engaged and the detailed facility development is underway jointly with the new manufacturing engineering Tevva team. There is also now a suite of various standard documents for Tevva to move forward with and these are being used within the procurement process in particular.

In summary, HSSMI has provided valuable support during a critical time in Tevva’s development as a manufacturing company. We look forward to further collaboration with Tevva in 2022 and the launch of the proposed facilities around the second quarter of the year.


"It has been a great pleasure having HSSMI support us during this important phase of our growth as an EV scale-up manufacturer. Together we have developed a manufacturing strategy that will allow Tevva to produce EV trucks for our customers in a way that is economically viable, environmentally sensitive, quality assured and flexible to sales demand as our customer base matures. Throughout this process, HSSMI has been responsive to various changes in direction and additional tasks that Tevva were not yet resourced to complete."

Peter Domeney
COO, Tevva Trucks



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