This case study focuses on assessing the state of existing machinery in a decommissioned factory for second use. The thorough analysis carried out by HSSMI experts helped the client make a decision regarding the purchase of the equipment to support their manufacturing capability.


HSSMI was approached by an intermediary (FEV Consulting) on behalf of a client in Turkey that was looking to purchase used equipment from a decommissioned factory in the UK. The plan was to conduct an assessment of the equipment to establish whether or not it would be fit for reuse and could potentially be transported to Turkey where it could be used in building a new manufacturing capability.


HSSMI undertook a complete evaluation of all the equipment that was becoming redundant. During several on-site visits, HSSMI was able to review areas including engine block machining, engine head machining, engine assembly, injection moulding, steel forming and die casting lines, vehicle assembly and test areas, vehicle paint areas, robots and welding timers, as well as an area for various repair machinery.


Following the visits, HSSMI was able to compile an analysis of the equipment condition, including suitability for reuse and recommendations for transportation. HSSMI rated each piece of equipment based on its overall condition, as well as information from interviews with staff which were carried out as part of the assessment. The results showed that the majority of the facility was overall in good condition and a great majority of the equipment was in optimal condition for reuse. HSSMI was able to provide the client with an in-depth understanding of the available equipment and if it was worth to invest in purchasing it and relocate it to another location.



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