JW Froehlich UK Ltd have supported the automotive industry throughout their 40 years, producing leak tests, engine hot and cold tests and other machine technologies. JW Froehlich UK Ltd have constantly evolved their offering and are now looking to maximise the opportunity of being at the centre of change following automotive powertrain electrification.


Legislative demand on the automotive industry for electrification has led to the phasing out of internal combustion engines. The resulting technological shift dictates significant changes in powertrain production processes and testing. JW Froehlich UK Ltd are looking to adapt their focus in line with this demand to remain at the forefront of their industry and maintain a competitive advantage. The first step in achieving this goal is understanding the best transition strategy through ease of skill transfer and market accessibility.


HSSMI conducted a two-part study with a detailed analysis of target markets and an exploration of other opportunities.

A workshop was first carried out with JW Froehlich UK Ltd to discuss case studies and extract core competencies, capabilities and transferable skills. The Target Market Analysis broke down production stages for motor and battery manufacture to compare with JW Froehlich UK Ltd’s key competencies.

Each step was assessed for ease of skill transfer and market saturation. This process was used to indicate market entry points and make suggestions for expansion in to the sector. The high-level market study explored outside of the automotive sector to identify further opportunities. Each sector was analysed to understand the industry outlook, industry presence in the UK, market competition, major players and barriers to market. The final report was a valuable aid for JW Froehlich UK Ltd in making informed decisions on the future direction of the business.




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