What is Circular Economy Maturity Assessment?

The circular economy represents an opportunity for businesses to rethink and redefine the way that they make, use and discard products. Moving away from the linear model of ‘take, make, dispose’, circular business models can be just as profitable, if not more, whilst reducing our impact on the earth’s climate. However, to achieve a more circular model that is economically and environmentally sustainable is no easy task.

The Circular Economy Maturity Assessment is a comprehensive and strategic workshop, which aims to assess your organisation’s current and desired circular economy future state. Through the expert advice and facilitation of our consultants, we will work closely with your organisation to understand your business goals and objectives, before developing a strategy to reach them.


HSSMI are a manufacturing innovation consultancy, our colleagues are experts in their field with many years of experience in delivering strategic workshops.

Our manufacturing experience, coupled with extensive skills and capabilities in the circular economy, allows us to provide a unique, independent perspective for your organisation’s journey towards circularity.

Our consultants will be on hand to support your organisation’s transformation from the very first day.

Clarity Audit

Through our thorough assessment, we can position your company accordingly on the Circular Economy Maturity Assessment scale.

Our intensive audit of your organisation assesses both your strengths and weaknesses whilst working with you to identify areas of focus within the 6 Principles (Systems Thinking, Innovation, Stewardship, Collaboration, Value Optimisation & Transparency).

Road map for the future

To facilitate busiess transformation, HSSMI have created a bespoke software solution, which creates a live, cloud based roadmap, accessible only by your organisation.

The roadmap provides an interactive action plan that designated members of your organisation can use to help define, shape and direct your personal journey towards the Circular Economy.

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