What is the Circular Economy Maturity Assessment?

Change the way your business makes, uses and discards products with the HSSMI Circular Economy Maturity Assessment (CEMA). Based on circular economy principles, the CEMA evaluates your business on six foundation elements: systems thinking, innovation, collaboration, stewardship, transparency, and value optimisation.

Whether you are an innovation and sustainability veteran or a company just embarking on your journey, the CEMA helps you set targets and build a roadmap to take you to your ideal state of circularity.





HSSMI is a sustainable manufacturing innovation consultancy, with a unique focus on circular economy. Our manufacturing experience, coupled with extensive skills and capabilities in circular economy, allows us to provide an independent perspective on your organisation’s journey towards circularity. We appreciate that each manufacturing business is different and endeavour to provide tailored solutions that work for your business’s way of thinking.


The Circular Economy Maturity Assessment (CEMA) is structured around a workshop which includes expert advice and facilitation from our consultants. The purpose of the workshop is to understand the priorities and objectives of your business.

Circularity Audit

Through our thorough assessment, we can position your company accordingly on the Circular Economy Maturity Assessment scale. Our intensive audit of your organisation assesses both your strengths and weaknesses whilst working with you to identify areas of focus within the 6 Principles (Systems Thinking, Innovation, Stewardship, Collaboration, Value Optimisation & Transparency).

Roadmap for the Future

To facilitate business transformation, HSSMI has developed a bespoke software solution, which creates a live, cloud-based roadmap, accessible only by your organisation. The roadmap provides an interactive action plan that designated members of your organisation can use to help define, shape and direct your business’s journey towards circular economy.

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