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New Graduate Programme Launched for Budding Engineers

Image: © wi6995 / Adobe Stock   Your career is your adventure.   HSSMI has launched a Graduate Programme, targetted at new engineers looking to enter the world of manufacturing. The two year long Graduate Programme will provide opportunities to graduates to learn and develop their skills by working on various projects. They will receive […]

Moving Workforce Training into Virtual Environments with the Virtual Training Creator

Image: © Gorodenkoff / Adobe Stock   Training industrial workforces can be a challenge for many businesses, as it often involves potential health and safety issues, logistical arrangements, as well as complex training scenarios. The Virtual Training Creator (VTC), developed by HSSMI with funding from the XR4ALL platform, seeks to make the process of workforce […]

Optimise Existing Manufacturing Assets Instead of Channelling Additional Investment, Thurso+ Project Concludes

Image: © unlimit3d / Adobe Stock   The Thurso+ project recently concluded, meeting the key project objective of boosting the UK’s battery cell manufacturing capability. The funding body – the Advanced Propulsion Centre – has commended the project for its ability to make an impact in only nine months and under the challenging conditions imposed […]

HSSMI Announces Growth of its Consulting Division Backed by External Capital, and Establishment of HSSMI Foundation to Provide Focus for Charitable Actions

  – Leading UK-based manufacturing consultancy HSSMI has today announced confirmed investment to fund continued growth of its consultancy services division, supporting companies to transition towards net zero and sustainable manufacturing. – The new funds will enable the company to grow its current team as well as expand the range of services for current and […]

Update from Perseus: Improving Manufacturing Line Flexibility in Anticipation of Automotive Electrification

Image: © Jaguar Land Rover   About Perseus The transition from internal combustion engines (ICE) to electric-powered vehicles (EVs) is certain – from 2030 ICE vehicles will be banned from sale in the UK. However, the pace of conversion in each market and the uptake of emerging technologies, such as new types of batteries, electric […]

A Digital Transformation Journey: Implementing Digital Technologies to Unlock New Opportunities

  In the aftermath of the pandemic, the UK manufacturing sector has experienced a resurgence of interest and renewed ambition in the application of digital technologies, but this time, with less cynicism and hype. This can be largely attributed to the publication of many excellent accounts on how manufacturing businesses have either maintained, adapted, or […]

The Economics of Gallium Extraction from LED Lamps

Image: © megaflopp / Adobe Stock   Gallium is becoming an increasingly widespread material for semiconductors in electronic applications. To limit the need for new resources, the ReGaIL project explored and proved that it is possible to create a circular system by recovering gallium from end-of-life LED (light-emitting diode) lamps in a novel, environmentally friendly […]

HSSMI Recognised in Award Nomination for Sustainable Aviation Fuel Project

  A trailblazing circular economy project to advance the development of Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) has secured a finalist place at the global Energy Institute 2021 Awards, and HSSMI has been praised for contributing to the project’s success. HSSMI is working in partnership with project leaders, Wilson Bio-Chemical Ltd on Waste-to-Wings, a project to future-proof […]