What is CDC

The Cobots Design and Certification service is a unique offering, which assesses the feasibility of implementing truly collaborative applications in an industrial environment, by using virtual design and simulation.

This step by step approach allows our experts to assess the suitability of a collaborative robot before any investment is made in hardware or implementation.


HSSMI have acquired significant knowledge on collaborative robots by successfully leading:
A working group with three OEMs and HSE to develop implementation guidelines and identify key application for automotive manufacturing.
A research project aimed to develop a virtual tool for risk assessment of collaborative applications.

Our work in this area was awarded the EEF Future Manufacturing Award in the Health and Safety category in 2017.

Application Assessment

By using a bespoke method, HSSMI provide a thorough assessment to reflect the outcome of implementing a  collaborative robot to the workstation.

Application Design

Based on the outcomes of the application assessment, a static mock-up is designed to establish the best layout of the future workstation with the suggested collaborative robots.

Return on Investment

Through our thorough calculations, HSSMI will determine the best course of action for installing a collaborative application from which your business benefits.

Virtual Risk Assessment

Working with special robot simulators, the robots trajectories are developed to perform specified tasks to detect and minimise any potential risk and hazard in the workspace.


HSSMI work with relevant guidelines and standards to ensure that the designed application meets the requirements of ISO 12100, ISO 10218 and ISO / TS 15066

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